PB has caught onto the secret bar trend with their very own tik-inspired speakeasy. Enter through a freezer in a Poké bar to this tropical wonderland!

910 Grand ave
San Diego, CA 92109

32.795696, -117.252959

(858) 412-5237

Hours: Monday – Saturday 5:00 pm – 2:00 am // Sunday 11:00 am – 2:00 am


Move over breweries, San Diego has a new growing trend: speakeasies! The term speakeasy originally referred to the illicit drinking houses during the Prohibition-era (1920-1933) in the United States.  Today a speakeasy is nothing more than a nod to the Prohibition era and a fun way to grab a drink.

One of the first speakeasies in San Diego was the Noble Experiment which is an awesome bar hidden behind a stack of kegs inside the Neighborhood restaurant.  The Grass Skirt has a similar entrance which begins inside a Poké restaurant and through a freezer door.

Once inside, you will be greeted to an incredible Polynesian-inspired world of flaming torches, hula girls and giant tiki carvings! Exotic tropical drinks and fiery volcano bowls are on the menu as well as tasty bites!  When you order one of their three punch bowls, the entire restaurant’s vibe changes for 10 or so seconds with sounds of a tropical rainstorm and flickering lights.  Unlike some of the other speakeasy bars in San Diego, the Grass Skirt does have a food menu with Hawaiian-inspired dishes.

While you’re in the area, make sure to check out Kate Sessions Park nearby!

Personal Experience: I really love it here!  The décor is really impressive and I feel this is a great place to grab a drink with friends.  I’m always on the lookout for a unique experience in San Diego and this spot did not fall short!

The entrance to the Grass Skirt lays inside Good Time Poké.  Head inside and walk towards the freezer:grass skirt

Once you walk through the freezer you’ll head through a dark stone hallway:

Afterwards you are transported into a decorative tiki bar!

We had a blast ordering tropical drinks and basking in the unique environment:

We ordered one of the flaming bowls which was pretty tasty!  Part of the fun is that whenever one of these bowls is ordered, the entire bar’s vibe changes momentarily to sounds of a thunderstorm complete with flickering lights.  Super cool!


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2 Reviews


  • Anonymous
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    I need to check this place out!

    October 17, 2019

  • Anonymous
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    Just visited! What a great time! Tom’s Mai Tai were fab! Decor was authentic, as I felt like I was in Hawaii. Amazing mural and the topless hula girl I wanted to take home. All around fun with intentions to go back.

    Suggestions; make a reservation and bring a couple of friends. You want forget it.


    February 3, 2020

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