42075 Old Hwy 80

Jacumba Hot Springs, CA 91934

Dog-Friendly: Yes, but they own dogs as well so call beforehand for permission   Kid-friendly: Yes


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If you’ve ever driven along Old Highway 80, you may have noticed the colorful sign that says “Sage Winds Farm” with mentions of tie dye, sage products and more!  I noticed it many times on our drives to Jacumba.  One time we even drove down the dirt road to check it out but were confused at the time and thought we had just ended up at someone’s home. That is halfway true.  The owners of the farm do live there, but it is also a business you are welcome to visit!

The 40-acre property has been owned and operated by Ken Taylor and Ellen Woodward-Taylor since 2008.  When they first moved onto the ranch, they noticed an abundance of white sage.

White sage is considered sacred in Native American culture. Burning or smudging this plant is a closed practice within the Native American culture. It does have a ton of medicinal and external benefits too though.

Ken and Ellen have a small shop which carries a variety of white sage cosmetics, potted plants for purchase as well as hand-dyed clothing items created by Ellen!   I purchased a white sage soap bar with a loofah attached to one side.  What a brilliant idea!  Talk about great exfoliation combined with simple, yet effective ingredients!

While you’re in the area, make sure to check out High Desert Retreat nearby!

Cosmetics and clothing aren’t their only business practices though.  Making even further use of their land, they have turned their back-country backyard into a campground!  Check out their Hip Camp page provided in the link above if you are interested in camping here. We checked out the camping grounds a little and found a ton of small caves, rock shelters, mortars and wind art.  I can only imagine what else is out there as we explored very little.

Look out for this sign when driving, then turn onto the road:

Here’s a shot of Ellen with her creations.  This lady is quite a force!

Ellen and her husband, Ken:

Check out this AMAZING painting she made!  Talk about detail!

There were even some morteros in the shelter!


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