Hike to a rock that looks like a bulldog and caves with a beautiful view! Highland Rock hike is a very unique place to visit!

Favorite San Diego Hikes During COVID-19

The past two months have been a chaotic whirlwind, with updates being made almost daily on what the rules and regulations are in regards to the public’s safety and rights.  We here at Hidden San Diego will always be believers in sunshine and hiking as essential tools for health.  Isolated hiking is also one of our preferences because it helps to clear the mind.  As of late, isolated hiking is one of the rules to help curb the spread of COVID-19 so it couldn’t be more perfect.

Please remember that if you are within 6 feet of a person that does not live in your household, you must have your face mask on.  If we all do our duty to follow the guidelines, we can continue to be given the freedom of hiking.  Not all trails are open these days, but many are.  We have complied a list of some of our favorite hikes that are open right now.  For an even more thorough list, you can check out SD Park’s official list here.


1. Presidio Park

Presidio Park is a city historic park in San Diego. It is the site where the San Diego Presidio and the San Diego Mission, the first European settlements in what is now the western United States, were founded in 1769.  It is also believed to be haunted!


Visit the historical Presidio Park, with its rich history, beautiful greenery, old monuments and ruins and even a battlefield!


2. Black Canyon Waterfall

If you are going to take this trip, I would recommend in springtime for several reasons: one, things will be at their greenest and in bloom and second, the waterfall will be running! There is some fun history here and the drive is gorgeous! I just want to make sure that you get the most out of your trip. Timing is important.



3. Rattlesnake Falls

This hike will lead you to an urban waterfall, dam and many miles of hiking trails.  A fun day trip indeed!


Visit one of San Diego's secret waterfalls & dam!


4. Maple Canyon

Maple Canyon is not only a fabulous place to witness and the spring flowers and greenery in Banker Hill, but you will also pass by two historic bridges.



5. Highland Rock

The hike to the caves is family and dog-friendly but the actual caves and rock-exploring is pretty dangerous.  I would absolutely not recommend any children and definitely no dogs to explore this area.  You could easily fall to your death or get seriously injured. The hammock was recently anchored to the rocks making for some cool shots.



6. Crestridge Ecological Reserve

Crestridge Ecological Reserve contains 2600 acres of riding trails, unique architecture by San Diego’s most famous archtitect James Hubbel, ancient history dating back thousands of years and many fun, tiny details scattered throughout. Keep your eyes peeled!


Hike Crestridge Ecological Reserve. This is one of San Diego's majestic lands that looks straight out of a Hobbit movie!

7. Daley Ranch

The land where Daley Ranch resides has been in use for thousands of years, once providing food and refuge for Kumeyaay tribes. There are plenty of remnants left behind of their existence such as metates and motars. The ranch houses are about 1 mile northeast from the entrance. At one point you’ll see the pond to your right.


8. La Jolla Natural Park

La Jolla Natural Park is without a doubt a hidden gem. Tucked away in the hills of Mount Soledad is this special preserve that not only offers some of the best coastal views around, but also boasts 42 acres of hiking trails!


La Jolla Natural Park is no doubt a hidden gem. With scenic views that can be seen all the way to Mexico, this short hike is packed with diversity!


9. Marian Bear Park

We have now covered both the western and eastern trails of Marian Bear Park.  Please check out our write-up of the western trail to get a full description of this area and the history of it.  There are 467 acres of land to explore and many trails you can take.


Hike Marian Bear Park, one of Clairemont's most diverse trails!


10. Green Valley

This area offers hikes to both a waterfall and also an airplane crash memorial site.


Visit the beautiful Green Valley Falls in Cuyamaca. This is a short hike through the mountains and a beauty-packed adventure!


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