CampDads Off-Road Adventure

A couple months ago we partnered with CampDads on a contest through our Instagram page. CampDads is a guided off-road adventure company that leads you through rough terrain in one of their overland vehicle. They offer various experiences that navigate you through seasonal creeks, sandy washes, rocky slopes, and/or flat desert trails.

The owner invited us to experience one of their mountain-range adventures and man, an adventure it was indeed!  We traversed through territory that I never would have felt comfortable doing on my own (I’m a bit of a wuss though, I will admit)!  This was definitely a memorable experience and helped me comb through areas I usually can’t get to.  So much fun!

If you are interested in booking your own off-roading experience, hop on over to their site!  Make sure to follow them on Instagram too! 🙂


Tell me this doesn’t look like so much fun!

Even Sage went!

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